Dedicated 2.3.1 Release Notes

New Features in Dedicated 2.3.1

Usability Enhancements

  1. Appen Rebrand
    • The Dedicated product has now been rebranded from Figure Eight to Appen following the integration of the two companies.
      • Rebrand updates can be found around logos and company name displayed throughout the product.
      • Note: the seeded cf_internal user retains a Figure Eight domain for this release (i.e. 
  2. Updated: API Unit.json Endpoint Response
    • We have updated the response of our units.json endpoint to include the unit state. This allows customers to determine unit status more efficiently by pinging specific unit ids rather than downloading and filtering through job reports. 
    • This feature affects requestors. 
  3. Online Success Center Documentation

Tool and Aggregation Updates

  1. Updated: Key/Report Value Output in Image Annotation Tools
    • The Ontology Manager of our image annotation tools now support key/value pairs that allows requestors to show a human readable label to contributors and store a complex string or hash or key for their processing in the output report. 
    • Documentation on the feature can be found here. 
    • This feature affects both requestors and contributors. 
  2. New: Machine Learning Assisted Image Transcription Tool
    • Our image transcription tool allows users to combine image annotation and transcription into one job with additional assistance of an OCR model to provide transcription predictions. 
    • Documentation on the tool can be found here. 
    • This feature affects both requestors and contributors. 
  3. New: Upgraded Pixel Labeling Semantic Segmentation Tool
    • Our new image segmentation tool allows users to create an image segmentation (“pixel labeling”) job in conjunction with a custom ontology to output an image mask with pixel level labels. 
    • Documentation on the tool can be found here.
    • This feature affects both requestors and contributors. 
  4. New: Audio Annotation Tool
    • Our new audio annotation tool allows users to annotate audio files with segments and events based on a custom ontology. 
    • Documentation on the new feature can be found here. 
    • This feature affects both requestors and contributors. 
  5. New: CML:Group Linked Aggregation Validators
    • Our CML:Group Linked aggregation feature now implements validators to ensure requestors include all necessary parameters in the CML: Group tag when creating jobs to prevent potential design issues.
    • A list of parameters can be found here. 
    • This feature affects requestors. 

User Management Enhancements

  1. Expanded Acceptable Email Domains
    • Requestors with common domain emails (such as @gmail and @hotmail) are now accepted to create request accounts to grant more flexibility on user email options. 
    • This affects requestors. 
  2. New: User Management Alpha API Endpoints
    • Alpha API endpoints are available for moving and adjusting requestor accounts that can be executed by Organization Admins for users within their organization. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for the Alpha endpoints. The list of capabilities include: 
      • Create a user 
      • Disable a user
      • Revoke “org admin” status from a user 
      • Upgrade a user to “org admin” status 
      • Revoke “team admin” status from a user 
      • Upgrade a user to “team admin” status 
      • Move a user to a different team in the same organization 
      • Update user attributes 

Bug Fixes

  • Copy Password Reset Link Button fix
    • Previously, requestors were unable to copy password reset links via the copy button. The button is now fixed to successfully copy password reset links to affected users. 
    • This fix affects requestors. 
  • Hot Key fix in cml:shapes
    • Previously, shapes not specified by requestors in CML:Shapes tool were accessible by contributors via hot keys. This is now fixed to ensure only specified shapes are accessible to contributors in the tool.  
    • This fix affects contributors. 

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