Dedicated: Guide to Contributor Admin Reports

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To download a complete report containing information from all contributors working in Dedicated, select the “Contributor Admin” option from the user menu on the bottom left corner on the global navigation bar. Once selected, you will have the option to download a "Monthly Report" or "12 Month Report".


Figure 1: How to access Contributor Admin Reports  

Monthly Report 

  • This option will contain a report for the selected month's statistics for all contributors on the platform. 


Figure 2: Monthly Contributor Admin Report option 

12 Month Report 

  • This option will download a report of cumulative statistics of the past 12 months (including the current month) for all contributors on the platform 


Figure 3: 12 Month Contributor Admin Report option 

Both reports will include the following columns: 

  • worker_id: The contributor’s unique ID in Dedicated 
  • email: The contributor’s email address 
  • name: The contributor’s full name 
  • judgments_count: The total number of judgments the contributor has provided for the selected period of time (single month or 12 month) 
  • accuracy: The contributor’s overall accuracy from all jobs they have worked in for the selected period of time (single month or 12 month) 
  • points: The total number of coins the contributor has earned in Dedicated for the selected period of time (single month or 12 month) 
  • unit: Contributor metadata (if provided) 
  • group: Contributor metadata (if provided) 
  • serviceContributor metadata (if provided) 

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