Dedicated 2.3.0 Release Notes

New Features in Dedicated 2.3.0

Tool and Aggregation Updates

  1. Brightness and Contrast Enhancement in Image and Video Annotation Tools
    • Our annotation tools now support the automated and manual enhancement of brightness and contrast to handle more complex use cases.
  2. Video Object Tracking Allows for Frame Skipping
    • Requesters can now configure video annotation jobs to allow contributors to submit judgments without the need to view every frame.
    • Documentation on the new “require-views" attribute to enable this feature can be found here.
  3. Toggle Zoom Window in Video Object Tracking
    • Contributors can now toggle the zoom window on and off at the bottom right of the screen when labeling to improve annotation efficiency.
  4.  Linked Aggregation Output for multiple=“true” in cml:group
    • Our multiple=“true” feature on cml:group now supports a new linked entity aggregation method for text fields in the aggregate report. Users can now parse through the JSON output to identify linked entities and determine the confidence of aggregate responses.
    • This will improve data quality reporting and processing in complex use cases, such as PDF transcription and data collection.
    • Documentation on the new feature can be found in the provided User Guide in the installation package

Administration & Security

  1. Enhanced Password Security
    • Updated password requirements to a minimum of 12 characters and contain at least one uppercase letter, lowercase letter, numeric character, and special character for increased account security.
  2. Ability to Toggle Contributor Leaderboard
    • Customers can now choose to restrict whether or not contributors can access a global leaderboard.
  3. Ability to Fully Customize Domain Names
    • Customers can now completely customize their domain names.

User Management Enhancements

  1. Hosted Channels API
    • Several new endpoints have been added to increase efficiency in creating, deleting, and updating Hosted Channels such as the ability to:
      1. Create a hosted channel
      2. Delete a hosted channel
      3. Upload a single contributor to a channel
      4. Update the metadata of a single contributor Figure Eight Dedicated v2.3.0 Release Notes Page 4 Client Confidential
      5. Upload multiple contributors to a Hosted Channel via a CSV
      6. Bulk update the metadata in a Hosted Channel via a CSV
      7. Delete a list of contributors in a Hosted Channel
      8. Download a CSV of contributors in a Hosted Channel
  2. Cross Team Access
    • Users under the same organization can now be a part of multiple teams from one user account.
    • This allows for users with SSO to have more flexibility in access within their organizations as well as allowing cross-team hosted channel management.
    • Please see this article for more information.

Usability Enhancements

  1. New Local Navigation
    • Significant improvements to the local navigation that will make it easier to move between different parts of creating and launching a job.
    • Documentation on our updated local navigation can be found here.
  2. Ability to Scroll through Source Data on the Data Page
    • Users can now horizontally scroll through all content uploaded to the Data page for improved visibility of lengthy data fields, such as URLs.
  3. Online Success Center Documentation now available

Bug Fixes

  1. Javascript on Jobs Automatically Enabled on Teams
    • Previously, this feature was disabled by default and caused issues with the graphical editor when creating jobs.
    • This is now automatically enabled for a smoother job design experience and can be disabled as needed on the Team level by a Super Admin.

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