Product Release Notes - August 2022

New Features

Quality Audit

Quality Audit is now available for all customers to use. You can access it via the Audit tab. More Info


Rendering Widgets in Audit Tab

Users can now render widgets in Grid View and Detail View of Audit Tab More Info

Custom validators

Users can now specify text-based validations using Regex for each class individually in the ontology manager for image Transcription. More Info


Shape types ellipse and boxes can now extend outside the image/video boundaries. The change enables annotating truncated objects that are partially visible in the image/video.


If you need to set up a cml:audio_transcription job but you have short audios (or otherwise don’t need or have segments data in your input), you can now do this without nasty workarounds! Just omit audio-annotation-data parameter from your cml and you’re good to go. However, please note that you still need at least one class in your ontology.

Multiple Taxonomies

You can now load multiple taxonomies into your cml:taxonomy_beta job using the ‘source’ attribute. More Info

Polygon Annotation

N-sided polygon annotation type (type="['polygon']") is now supported in our image transcription tool. CML parameter (Polygon-max-vertices="n") can specify the maximum number of vertices you want to allow.

Image Segmentation

The image segmentation tool now supports dynamic zoom-in and zoom-out capability. Annotators can now zoom into an image without worrying about cutting off the image to be annotated. More Info





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