Organization Admin


Organization Admin provides the ability to manage multiple teams within a single organization. An organization admin can check the status and progress of jobs across all associated teams at anytime. This feature allows the user to view all teams with a single login, and can monitor funds available in each team and add funds when required . This feature is only available to our Enterprise Customers, please contact your Customer Success Manager for access to this feature.

Organization Admin View

Team Jobs Page


Fig. 1: Team jobs page view with Organization Admin enabled

For each job in the organization the admin can:

  • View all pages related to a job - Data, Design, Quality, Launch, Monitor and Results.
  • Add data, update design and create test questions.
  • View launch settings and report settings, but cannot edit.

Note: The Organization Admin cannot launch jobs that belong to other teams.

Team Details Page

Team_Page.jpgFig. 2: Team details page with Organization Admin enabled

After selecting a team to view, the Organization Admin can:

  • View team balances and allocate funds to a selected team
  • View purchase history for the team, which includes payments made by any user in the organization
  • Access a list of all the jobs that are currently in progress for each team
  • View all row and subscription details are specific to the team selected
  • Invite users into the team selected
  • Access job cost report for any team in the organization

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