Product Release Notes September 2020

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Release Date: 9/16/20


This new beta feature is truly a game changer, as it brings the time-and-cost-saving power of machine learning to the Appen platform in a flexible, extensible, and user-friendly way.

  • The Pre-labeling feature supports a varied and growing set of customer use cases.
  • At this time, the feature is available for managed services customers only.

Learn more about the Pre-labeling feature here.


Nested Spans in Text Annotation

Release Date: 9/17/20

Improvement: This is a huge enhancement to our text annotation tool's capabilities! With this new feature, the tool can overlay text spans in order to capture the complex multi-level structure of human language.

Here are the details of the changes we’ve made in order to make this new feature function: 

  • Option to enable span nesting in Text Annotation Tool (See details)  

  • Change in Text Annotation test question creation and grading (See details)  

  • Change in Text Annotation test question accuracy calculation (See details)  


Audio Transcription in Open Beta

Release Date: 9/18/20

Improvement: We are thrilled to announce Appen's new Audio Transcription tool! This new tool enables users to deliver ASR-grade audio transcriptions at scale. The tool nicely complements the suite of audio tooling developed on the Appen platform:

Learn more about the Audio Transcription tool here.


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