Product Release Notes April 2020

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Figure Eight to Appen Rebrand

Release Date: 4/16/20


  • The figure-eight domain is now, so all URLs that were are now 
  • A few subdomains changed, namely: 
    • IS NOW 
    • IS NOW 
    • IS NOW 
  • All references to Figure Eight in the platform, documentation, outgoing emails, support, API, etc. now say Appen

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Point Cloud Annotation Tool (LiDAR) 

Release Date: 4/21/20

Improvement: Our new point cloud annotation tool is now generally available. This tool allows our customers to label point clouds generated by sensors of all kinds (e.g. LiDAR) with cuboids. The tool supports features like cuboid annotation, auto clustering, and linear object tracking for faster annotation, multi-view rendering, custom ontology, bringing your own model prediction, and a number of advanced capabilities.

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Server-side validation on contributor submissions

Release Date: 4/22/20

Improvement: While we've had front end validations in place for many years, customers occasionally report observing judgments containing "impossible" answers to questions that should have been hidden by only-if logic. We’ve implemented additional server-side validations - a largely invisible but important change.


Shape layering in image and video annotation and image transcription

Release Date: 4/27/20

Improvement: For overlapping or fully contained shapes in our annotation tools, a double click now allows for cycling through the layers of objects to quickly reach the correct shape and make it active and editable.

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Email verification for new customer accounts

Release Date: 4/28/20

Improvement: From a security perspective, ensure every user rightfully owns the email address they use to sign up for a customer account. Secondarily, we wanted to make it just a bit more annoying for #competitors to sign up using spoofy email accounts.  

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Key/Value pairs in ontologies for image annotation, video annotation, and image transcription

Release Date: 4/30/20


  • Allows annotators to see a human-readable label and the customer to store a complex string, hash, or key for processing.
  • The results JSON will have this new object/key. While names must be unique right now, report values can be duplicated. 

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