User Roles & Management


Appen account structure is comprised of members who belong to various Appen groups, named teams and/or organizations.

Different types of members within a team or organization will have different permissions and abilities on the platform.  There are four different types of permissions that members are able to have on the platform (defined below):

  • Read Only Member
  • Standard Member
  • Team Admin
  • Organization Admin

Read-Only Member

Read-only members do not have any edit permissions associated with their role. These users can not create or edit Jobs or Projects. They can:

  • View team members' jobs
  • View jobs dashboards and settings
  • Download results

Standard Member

Standard members have limited edit permissions. Their functionality includes:

  • Create and launch jobs
  • View and edit all team jobs
  • Add funds to the team

Team Admin

Team admins can do everything a standard member can do as well as:

  • Add new members to their team and edit their roles (see below)
  • View standard job cost reports (and Enterprise Analytics, if enabled for the team)

Note: For Dedicated customers, the Enterprise Analytics feature is currently not available On-Premises and only available via the cloud multi-tenant Appen Data Annotation Platform.

Organization Admin

Org admins have the highest level of access within the organization (i.e. customers that need visibility into several teams) Their functionality includes those belonging to Team Admin as well as:

  • Invite users to any team in the organization
  • Enterprise Analytics views of each team in the entire org (if enabled)

Assigning Roles in a Team

Once a user has accepted  invitation to join the team, a Team or Org Admin can assign their roles by clicking on Edit Role, as in the screenshot below.


A modal will appear, allowing the role to be chosen for the user:


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