Dedicated 3.0.0 Release Notes

Installation & Operations Management

The installation method for Version 3.0.0 has the following enhancements:

  • Web Guided installation and management of ADAP
  • Amazon EKS Support
  • Performance Management Interface
  • Support Bundle generation within tool
  • In-place upgrade of individual microservices
  • Terraform EKS infrastructure creation
  • Scriptable install using configuration files


Text Annotation

The text annotation tool has seen some major upgrades designed to make contributors more efficient and capture more of the multi-level complexities of language structure:

  • Enable span nesting (More Info)
    • Change to test question creation and grading (More Info)
  • Auto merge spans
    • We removed "merge" and "split" buttons and implemented auto-merge when multiple adjacent tokens are selected and given the same class.
    • This feature involves fewer clicks for contributors, allowing them to spend more time annotating.
    • This feature also supports running text annotation jobs on languages using non-space writing systems, for which there is no tokenizer available; simply add whitespace to your data and let annotators do the rest.

Server Side Validation

  • While we've had front end validations in place for many years, customers occasionally report observing judgments containing "impossible" answers to questions that should have been hidden by only-if logic. We’ve implemented additional server-side validations - a largely invisible but important change. (More Info)

Image and Video Annotation

  • For overlapping or fully contained shapes in our annotation tools, a double click now allows for cycling through the layers of objects to quickly reach the correct shape and make it active and editable.
  • You can hide the zoom box in video annotation to annotate something below it. The improvement will increase accuracy and help annotate small things in the bottom right-hand corner of video jobs. (More Info)
  • A new optional parameter in video annotation: require-viewsthat accepts 'true' or 'false' (More Info)
    • If 'false', contributors are not required to view every frame of the video before submitting, and this can speed up work in peer review jobs.
  • Key/Value pairs in ontologies (More Info)
    •  Allows annotators to see a human-readable label while you store a complex string, hash, or key for processing.
    • The results JSON will have this new object/key. While names must be unique, report values can be duplicated.

Cross Team Access

  • This new feature allows users to belong to multiple teams within an organization using just one platform login. (More Info)

Download Custom Channels

  • We've added a Download button next to the custom channel list; you can now download the list of contributor IDs belonging to a custom channel. (More Info)




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