Product Release Notes - August 2023

  • We're thrilled to unveil the Judgment Level Quality Audit, an enhancement to our Quality Audit feature in the ADAP platform. This enhancement empowers job authors to evaluate audit results with precision at the judgment level. Currently compatible with 'agg' aggregation and cml form elements. Dive deep into contributor insights, streamline auditing, and access downloadable Contributor Reports for a comprehensive assessment of contributor quality. More Info
  • We have deprecated Contributor Levels and introduced contributor checks and improvements to the contributor profile. These changes are part of our efforts to move toward a more refined contributor segmentation system in the future.
  • We’re thrilled to announce the latest update on our ADAP platform - Smart Text with Rich Text Editor. This integration empowers you to harness the combined power of Smart Text and Rich Text functionalities, offering a seamless way to enforce validators like grammar and spell checks, copy/paste controls, and word counts. Furthermore, the enhanced Rich Text Editor provides contributors with the freedom to personalize their inputs, all within a single, comprehensive tool! More Info

Quality Flow Digest - August Releases

Advanced routing options between jobs

  • It is now possible to to choose a job as the data source when routing units. More info
  • It is now possible to elect whether to carry over and or overwrite original judgments when moving units from one job to the next. More info

Quality Analytics for form data types

  • Quality dashboard displays question-level error rates for Checkbox, Multiple Choice (radio button) and Pulldown menu. You can elect which questions to include or exclude from the metrics results. More info

Duplicate data detection

  • Each time you upload a file the platform will check for duplicates against previously updated rows. Rows with identical source columns will be tagged with DUPLICATED in the Unit Tag column of the dataset table.

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