Guide to: Running a Smart Text Collection Job


Smart Text includes a number of features to ensure high quality, customized and original data, including disabling copy/paste, minimum and maximum word counts, robust spelling and grammar checks and now Rich Text. Smart Text will smooth the contributors' writing experience and ensure high-quality output, especially for jobs related to LLMs, such as creative writing prompt/response pairs and response improvement.

In addition to disable pasting, outlined below, Smart Text is also compatible with the Basic Validators such as word and character counts, described in this article and the Smart Validators, such as regex and spelling & grammar, described in this article.

Job design

From the side bar choose "Smart Text".




Disable Pasting

Once you have chosen Smart Text you will see a checkbox "Disable Pasting". When pasting is disabled (disable-pasting="true"), contributors will not be able to paste information in the input text box, regardless of the origin of the information (another judgment, another document on their desktop, from their browser…). Copy/paste is disabled for right click, hotkeys, and keyboard shortcuts.




Rich Text Editor

 You are now able to design jobs using a Rich Text Editor (RTE). Using our RTE will enable your contributors to format their input text with the following:

  • Tables

  • Code blocks with syntax highlighting for HTML, SQL, Java, Javascript, and more

  • Math/science equation formatting using syntax for LaTeX
  • Bold text

  • Underlined text

  • Italicized text

  • Bulleted lists

  • Numbered lists

When using Smart Text, Rich Text is enabled by default. Disable Rich Text by unticking the checkbox in the graphical editor. You can also edit the default cml attribute to rich=false.


  • rich="true" (optional, defaults to "true"):
    • this will include rich text in your smart text
  • raw-output="true" (optional, defaults to "true"):
    • includes the following extra columns in the output, along with raw text
      • HTML
      • Markdown
    • if raw-output="false", the output will only include raw text
  • model-annotation="CML_MODEL_NAME" (optional):
    • This parameter allows you to present a model response within the cml:smart_text element, learn more in this article

Rich Text Output Format

ableToAnnotate: <boolean>,
annotations: {
text: "...",

rawContent: "...",

contentType: "html"


metadata: { ... }

When using the results report, you will also be able to visualize the raw text without html markup for readability. In Quality Flow, any input text formatted with the Rich Text Editor will be displayed in subsequent jobs as formatted by the initial contributor. The reviewer will be able to modify the formatting as needed to improve the output quality.


Job Report

Refer to this article for information on Annotation Tools Job Reports.

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