GCP + SDA Storage Provider Setup

This article will cover the steps required to create a read-only SDA integration on ADAP for Google Cloud Platform’s Cloud Storage.


  • An ADAP org with Secure Data Access feature flag enabled.

  • GCP account with the following resources

    • Storage bucket containing data to be annotated

    • A CSV file containing the path to each file within the bucket for job configuration.

      • HTTPS:// or GS:// URIs are supported by customer-data-service.

    • IAM service account

    • Custom IAM role with these permissions:

Step 1: Implement the Service Account

  1. As team/org admin ADAP user, use the platform’s web interface at to submit the service account’s credential file.


Step 2: Verify the Storage Provider

Create a job in the team configured with the storage provider. Use the directions from the success center to configure the job design using the CML reference for the storage provider.

  • As a final step, navigate to your job's Design Page and update your column references in liquid with the following format:

    • {{ columnName | secure: 'storageCmlName' }}

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