Task Types and “review-data”

For the purpose of quality control, most annotation projects go through multiple steps. Some projects have an annotation step and a QA/audit step. Other projects might have an annotation step with an arbitration step.

To make it easy to design annotation jobs for these different steps, we use several different UIs in each annotation tool, based on the tasks required at these steps.



On top of the default task type, which is basic annotation from scratch, the first task type you can use is called “QA”.

When task-type=”qa”, the tool pre-loads annotation. Contributors would review the pre-loaded annotation and make corrections.

task-type=”qa” needs to be used in conjunction with review-data parameter. For example,

task-type=”qa” review-data=”{{annotation_column}}”

The “qa” task type is currently supported in all tools and works for jobs within Workflows.

Note: review-from parameter has been deprecated as of July 2022. If you used to use review-from="{{column}}", please start using task-type="qa" review-data="{{column}}"

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