2021 design updates to Appen Data Annotation Platform

As Appen's suite of annotation tools and quality features continuously evolve to enable exciting new applications of ML/AI, we've simultaneously invested in holistic design and user experience improvements to evolve the core platform at the same pace.


We're excited to announce comprehensive updates to the look & feel of the Appen Data Annotation Platform, which completes our transition from Figure Eight to Appen. This isn’t simply just a new theme or new colors... we've entirely rebuilt our user interface with sleek, modern code. As well, our fleet of design components have been standardized against Appen’s brand guidelines - think all buttons, menus, tables, forms, and so on.


While we were at it, we took the opportunity to implement new designs that drive major usability improvements across several areas of the platform:

  • Job Templates - redesigned so users can scan through all job templates at a glance. filter templates by use case and by most recently used. expect the job template catalog to grow going forward.



  • Job Dashboard - light layout and data visualization updates to more clearly convey important job tracking metrics, as influenced by input directly from our customers.



  • Accessibility Improvements - general accessibility principles enforced platform-wide, e.g. consistently improved contrast to drive better readability.

  • New Illustrations - from loading states to job template icons and data upload forms, we've taken every opportunity to add fresh new illustrations that drive delight with every interaction and, in aggregate, breathe new life into the platform.

We couldn't be more excited about this next chapter of our platform. From a code perspective, we've positioned ourselves to iterate on our user interface much more rapidly. With that said, this is just the beginning, so stay tuned as we layer in more design improvements going forward!


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