Dedicated Troubleshooting: Running the Network Rebuild Script

When running the Dedicated product On Premises, there may be instances when a cluster is not performing as expected, which leads to errors in the application. A common cause for the cluster issue may be due to DNS and network connections. As a first step to resolve the issue, we recommend running the network rebuild script to reset all the clusters.


Running the Script

    1. As a System Administrator, access /root/ansible-cfsecure from the control plane.
    2. Run the following command to set IP addresses and run the rebuild network script
      • DNS_IP=<insert IP address> CONTROL_PLANE_IP= <insert IP address> KUBE_000_IP= <insert IP address> KUBE_001_IP= <insert IP address> KUBE_002_IP= <insert IP address> KUBE_003_IP= <insert IP address> ./
      • Note: You can locate AWS IPs in your AWS console
    3. Once the script is complete all pods should be in a healthy state. Running the following command will return any pods not in a running or completed state:
      • kubectl get po | egrep -v 'Ru|Com'
    4. Once all pods are confirmed in a healthy state, log in to the Dedicated application to confirm the issue is resolved.

If the issue is not resolved, please reach out to our Support team with logging information and a description of the issue for further investigation.


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