SDA - Changes to Annotation Tools' Job Report

As a result of the recent SDA upgrade, the job report of annotation tools has also been updated. This update affects all jobs using annotation tools, regardless of whether SDA has been set up for your team.


Change One

Previously, the output column of most annotation tools were URLs that point to the annotation results. After the update, the output column now contain json objects containing the URLs as well as a few metadata fields. Below is an example of the updated output:



“type”: indicates the type of annotation tool

“valueRef”: the file reference that the platform uses to read data. This ref can be passed on from one job to another and will not expire

“url”: the URL that points to the annotation result. Different from the URLs in the current report, this URL requires user authentication. For example, the URL wouldn’t work if you open it in a new Incognito window. More details can be found in the “Change Two” section.

Some annotation tool’s output can also contain a “metadata” field. This field is designed to work with Workflows for routing purpose in the future.


Change Two

Previously, the URLs in the output column did not require authentication. You could open these links without having logged into your account. After the update, the URLs in the report now require authentication.

If you have scripts that operate on the output URLs, you will need to make the changes below to keep your script working:

To call - replace your requestor proxy hostname to api-gateway:

to this, and add the api key at the end:

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