The File Upload Tool cml:file_upload, allows contributors to upload files from their machine, such as images, audio, video, documents etc.

Adding a File Upload Component

You can incorporate the file upload tool into any jobs, on its own, or in combination with other cml objects. Use the cml below to add a file upload widget to your job design.

<cml:file_upload allowed-extensions="['JPEG','PNG']" min-size=”0.5” max-size="2" name="annotation" label="upload_a_file" validates="required"/>


  • allowed-extensions this parameter allows you to specify which types of file extensions are accepted.
  • min-sizethis parameter allows you to specify the minimum size of the files accepted. This parameter takes in a number. For example: min-size=”0.5” would set the minimum accepted file size to 0.5MB.
  • max-sizethis parameter allows you to specify the maximum size in megabytes of the files accepted. The greatest accepted value is 5120 (5GB).


1. If neither min-size nor max-size is specified, the tool will set the allowed file size to 0-5MB by default.

2. This tool does not support test questions or aggregation.

3. You will need to upload some data in order to launch a file upload job, even though you may not need source data in your job.


The file upload tool will output the file’s URL and metadata in the job report. This tool has full SDA support, which means the files uploaded by contributors can be written directly to your cloud storage, for your easy access.

Please contact your success manager for any help setting up SDA.

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