Dedicated 2.3.2 Release Notes

New Features in Dedicated 2.3.2

Usability Enhancements

  1. Updated: Delete Units
    • We have updated the delete units endpoint to delete rows in a canceled state. This allows customers to have more streamlined reports by removing canceled units from the job. 
    • This feature affects requestors. 
  2. Alpha User Management API Endpoint Documentation
    • Documentation for our Alpha User Management API Endpoints are now included in API documentation by accessing <custom_domain>/api-documentation.  
    • Please note the content provided on the API documentation is targeted toward requestors. 

Tool and Aggregation Updates

  1. Updated: Key/Report Value in Aggregated Reports in Image Annotation Tools
    • The Key/Report Value feature now includes Key/Value information in aggregated outputs. 
    • Documentation on the feature can be found here. 
    • This feature affects requestor reporting. 

User Management Enhancements

  1. Flag to Toggle Debiting Payments on Job Launches
    • Customers can now request to disable debiting coins from team allocated funds. This allows customers to bypass adding “Coins” to teams to launch jobs to their Hosted Channels. 
    • This affects requestors. 

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