Dedicated User Roles & Management

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The Dedicated account structure is comprised of requesters who belong to various Appen groups, named teams and/or organizations. 

requester is any user who creates a job on the platform. 

Note: In this article, the word requester and member are used interchangeably. Both words have the same definition. 

Different types of requesters within a team will have different permissions and abilities on the platform.  There are four different types of permissions that requesters can have on the platform. The four roles are: 

  • Standard Member 
  • Team Admin 
  • Organization Admin 
  • System Admin 

 Below is a more defined summary of the different roles and what each member can do.  

Standard Member 

Standard members have the fewest permissions allowed. Their functionality includes: 

  • Can create and launch jobs 
  • Can see and access all team jobs 

Team Admin 

Team admins can do everything a standard user can do (i.e. customers that manage platform access for their team only). Their functionality includes: 

  • Can add new members to their team 
  • Can view standard job cost report for the team 
  • Includes all permissions of a standard member 
  • Can manage hosted channels 

Organization Admin 

Org admins have the highest level of access within the organization (i.e. customers that need visibility into several teams) Their functionality includes: 

  • Can invite users to any team in the organization 
  • Includes all permissions of a team admin within the team they belong to 
  • Can manage hosted channels 

System Admin 

The System Admin (cf_internal) has the permissions to access any entity in the system and has the highest level of access across the Dedicated Platform. Their functionality includes: 

  • Can invite users to any team 
  • Can create new teams 
  • Can add users to existing teams 
  • Can manage hosted channels 
  • Can manage team subscriptions 

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