Dedicated: How to Manage Contributor Accounts

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Once you have successfully created contributor Hosted Channels, there are various ways for them to be managed. This article describes how to complete a new contributor sign up process, upload contributor metadata, and reset a user’s password if needed. 

Completing the Contributor Sign Up Process

  • Once registered in a channel, contributors will follow the same steps highlighted in this article to be able to work in the platform.  
  • After DNS addresses have been resolved and proxy requests have been passed, contributors will be directed to the specific contributor URL to complete the sign-up process: 
    • https://app.{{your-custom-domain}}.com/task-force 
  • Click the “Sign up!” link and complete the sign-up form.


Figure 1: Sign in/up via your custom domain page 


Figure 2: New contributor Sign Up form


Updating Contributor Metadata 

  • If you would like to update the metadata associated with an existing contributor in a channel, create a CSV file with the following columns:
    • channel_id 
    • email 
    • last_name 
    • first_initial 
    • unit 
    • parent  
    • group 
    • service  


Figure 3: An example of a contributor CSV

  • Specify the new values for the contributor metadata in this file. 
  • From the “Hosted Channel Details” page, press the “Upload metadata” button to upload the CSV file. 


Figure 4: Uploading a CSV to update Contributor Metadata

Resetting a User’s Password 

If a user has forgotten their password, utilize the password reset feature in order to help the user successfully log in again.  

  • Login as cf_internal.  
  • Navigate to the “Contributor Admin” tab in the user menu.  
  • Specify the email address of the user and press the “Generate Link” button. 


Figure 5: How to reset a user’s password

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