Dedicated: How to Create Contributor Channels

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Hosted Channels are a way to target certain labeling groups to work on jobs. This article describes how to create new channels via various methods on the Dedicated platform. 

How to Create a New Hosted Channel 

To create a new channel, please follow the steps outlined below. 

  • To create a new channel, click the “Hosted Channel” icon on the navigation bar on the left-hand side. 
  • Then, click on the “New Hosted Channel” button. 


Figure 1: How to create a new Hosted Channel 

  • A text box will appear to provide a descriptive name for the channel. Once a name is entered, click “Create”. 


Figure 2: Naming a new Hosted Channel

How to Add Contributors (Labelers) to a Channel 

Before contributors can sign up for an account and work in jobs, they are first required to be created in Dedicated by adding them to a Hosted Channel. 

Contributors can be created by either two ways: via CSV file bulk upload and individually.  

CSV File Bulk Upload 

Contributors can be uploaded via a CSV file with the following columns: 

  • channel_id: Contains the ID for the channel to which the contributors are to be added.  
    • To find the channel ID, go to Account and click on the Hosted Channel Details tab. The channel ID will be the numeric characters that precede the channel name. 


Figure 3: How to find the Channel ID 

  • last_name: The contributor’s last name 
  • first_initial: The initial of the contributor’s first name 
  • unitThe “team” the contributor is a part of that corresponds to the “Unit Leaderboard” on the Leaderboard tab 
  • parent: Metadata column. 
  • group: Metadata column. 
  • service: Metadata column. 


Figure 4: An example of a contributor CSV

Important note: All columns must be populated upon upload. 

Individually Registering a Contributor 

  • To register individual contributors, visit the “Hosted Channels Details” tab.  
  • From there, you can register a contributor by specifying their email address and inviting that contributor to the selected channel as shown in the figure below.  
  • Please note, this method of inviting individual contributors to a channel is not recommended as the user will be created without metadata. 


Figure 5: Inviting an Individual Contributor to a Channel 


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