Product Release Notes February 2020

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Job Templates for Beta Features

Release Date: 2/12/20

Improvement: You can now easily preview our beta tool templates and request access in-platform.

Learn more here.


Order generated test questions from a custom channel

Release Date: 1/31/20

Improvement: Now you can order test questions from one of your team’s own custom channels using Test Question Generator! The generator job can be targeted to any custom channel you've created. 


New Pixel Label Semantic Segmentation Tool Beta 

Release Date: 2/20/20

Improvement: We have released a new PLSS tool (beta) which is built on a completely new technology stack and adds a number of enhancements compared to our previous tool  

  • It now works with Secure Data Access with additional security 
  • We can support ultrahigh-resolution (8k) images with no tiling! 
  • Nested ontologies support and you can now label up to 1000 classes (up from 255) 
  • Usability enhancements like more zoom, brightness/contrast help contributors do their best work  

 Learn more here.

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