Product Release Notes October 2019

New shapes support in image annotation tool - Ellipses and Circles

Release Date: 10/3/19

Improvement: Ellipses and Circles are now fully supported shape type in cml:shapes! We’ve got Test Questions, Aggregation, in-unit review for high quality results. 

Learn more here.


Nested Ontology for Image and Text Annotation Tools

Release Date: 10/8/19

Improvement: Customers can now have long ontologies (1,000 classes) organized in a nested fashion (up to 4 levels in the hierarchy) for image and text annotation.

 Learn more here.


New Developer Doc for APIs

Release Date: 10/18/19

Improvement: We’ve overhauled our API docs to create a much more developer-friendly experience, which will make it easier for customers to self-serve during their integrations with the Figure Eight API. 

 Learn more here.


Video Annotation tool improvement

Release Date: 10/28/19

Improvement: You can now change class labels on video annotations without having to re-draw the whole annotation. Double-click on the new class in the ontology and it will be automatically assigned the new classes to all frames in the video.

 Learn more here.


New Tokenizer for Text Annotation

Release Date: 10/28/19

Improvement: Users can use platform tokenizer with the option to provide special instructions in case of special cases e.g. non-breaking whitespaces.

 Learn more here.


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