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We are happy to announce that select annotation tools will now be offered as beta templates in our template library! Users can sign up for early access to the newest new annotation modes and updates.

What are Open Beta Templates?

  • Open Beta templates are job templates that contain new annotation tools or modes or other new features in development.
  • The tools in Beta may not be fully self-service ready yet or have other scaling considerations, however, we want to make these tools available to our customers and collect feedback.
  • When Open Beta Access is initially requested, you will be added to a waitlist and the team responsible for the tool will see your request and be in touch.
    • Note: The tools may graduate to being a fully-fledged template (so you can get instant access) or be removed from the template library if we need to make changes. Due to this dynamic nature, please check back often to see what is currently available.


Figure 1: Open Beta Template showed via the Template Library

What can I expect with Open Beta Templates?

  • There may not always be an open beta template for what you are looking for; please keep an eye out for the “Open Beta” tag next to the title of the template to identify them.
  • You can preview the new tool by clicking the preview button; it may take a second or two to load but you will be able to preview the tool and see if it’s a fit for you.
  • For Open Beta Access you will need to request a sign-up. Click the button “Open Beta Access” and the modal will appear (shown below) and you can click the “Request Access” button.


Figure 2: Requesting Open Beta Template Access

  • Once you request access, your Customer Success Manager or another team member will be in touch via email. Please keep an eye on your inbox and expect a response in a few business days.
    • If you are not yet one of our customers, please expect a delayed response as we work through the waitlist.
  • For some templates, we will give you a link to access and a private copy of tool documentation. For other templates, we may want to schedule a quick phone call to demo the tool and collect feedback. If that’s the case, your Customer Success Manager will set this call up.

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