Product Release Notes Oct 2018

Image Annotation Enhancement

Release Date: 10/16/18 (date we emailed customers)


  • Ability to create test questions on bounding boxes, polygons, dots, and lines, along with the labels applied to those shapes.
  • All shapes and their labels can be aggregated, so you can collect multiple contributor annotations per image and aggregate them into the best overall result
  • Self-serve ontologies allow you to create your own ontologies
  • A new image annotation graphical user interface (GUI) for job design, along with pre-built templates, to make it easy to quickly set up new jobs


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Workflows Alpha

Release Date: 10/08/2018

New Feature: With Figure Eight Workflows, users can link multiple Figure Eight jobs to each other, automatically route data, and run a sequence of annotation flows together.

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Linear Interpolation for Machine Assisted Video Object Tracking BETA

Release Date: 10/22/18

Improvement: To compliment our video annotation solution you can now configure a linear interpolation assistant in video annotation jobs to provide flexibility and increased speed for tracking very small objects or objects moving in a predictable fashion.

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