How to: Interpreting results from a Video Bounding Box Job

The output data of a video bounding box job is linked in the output column, the name of which is configurable.

The link will point you to a JSON file with results for the corresponding video. As long as the contributor was able to annotate the video, the output JSON will contain keys for `shapes`, which stores information for every object in the video that doesn't change over frames; `ontologyAttributes`, which stores ontology attribute question information that doesn't change over frames; and `frames`, which stores all information that changes over frames. Object coordinates and metadata are not stored for frames in which the object was marked "hidden". The schema is:

  ableToAnnotate: true | false,
  annotation: {
    shapes: { // Holds the instance information that doesn't change
      [shapeId]: { category, report_value, type, former_shapes }
      // ...
    frames: { // Holds frames information, and shape instance information that changes
      [frameId]: {
          frameRotation: 0 - 359,
          rotatedBy: 'machine' | 'human',
          shapesInstances: { // Holds instance information that changes(coordinates, dimensions, ontology answers/metadata). Only visible shapes are present.
            [shapeId]: { x, y, w, h, annotated_by, metadata }
            // ...
      // ...
    ontologyAttributes: { // Holds ontology attributes questions information that doesn't change
      [ontologyName]: {
        questions:[{ id, type, data }, ...]

The attributes are:

  • Type: This is the format of annotation, in this case, “box”
  • ID: The Unique and Persistent ID for the boxed object
  • Category: This is the class of the object from your ontology
  • Annotated_By : This field describes whether the box in this frame is an output of our machine learning (“machine”) or was adjusted / correct by a person (“human”)
  • X / Y: The top left corner of the box in question’s pixel coordinate X and Y
  • Height / Width:  The height and width of the box in pixels
  • Visibility: This will be “visible” when the object is in view and “hidden” when the object is hidden or out of frame.


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