Product Release Notes - June 2024

  • Introducing Test Questions for Quality Flow. In your work jobs in Quality Flow, you will now be able to implement test questions; a corner piece of data quality. Quiz Mode will help you filter out of your job unqualified contributors, while Work Mode will help you to ensure a consistent accuracy among your crowd and give you the ability to remove inaccurate judgments. You will be able to independently set up test questions for quiz mode and / or work mode. More Info
  • We are pleased to announce an enhancement to test questions in Quality Flow. "Minimum Matching Accuracy (for Text and Text Area)" allows you to specify a matching threshold, determined by Levenshtein distance for text and textarea inputs. If the matching level is equal or above the threshold, the individual response will pass, otherwise it will fail. More Info
  • We’re excited to share some Model Mate updates! Markdown display is now supported, so if your configured model outputs Markdown, it will be displayed automatically in the model response presentation. The trigger-limit parameter has been enhanced: instead of a boolean setting, you can now specify the maximum number of times a contributor can request a response from the model. Additionally, you are now able to send specific sections of your CML job design to the model. More Info
  • We’re excited to share the release of the timestamp-direction validator in the Audio Transcription Tool! Utilize this validator to ensure timestamps are in the right order upon submission! More Info

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