Internal Contributor Dashboard

As an internal contributor at Appen, you have the ability to track all your work in one organized dashboard. Here you can view and access all new and in progress tasks, as well as those you've completed.

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Accessing the Dashboard

If you already have a contributor account, you can access the Dashboard directly by visiting:

Other methods:

1. When job owner assigns you to a job, you will receive an email containing a link to the dashboard. The email will be sent to the address they used when they added you to their Project Resources.

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2. After clicking the link, you can sign in or sign up if you don't already have an account. If you are already signed in, you'll be directed to the task's preview page.

3. Click on the Continue or Begin button to access and start working on the task.

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  • Once you have entered the task, you can go back to the Task preview page by clicking Appen Tasks in the top left corner of your screen.

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The task dashboard can be accessed via "Tasks" from the tasks preview page.

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Task Dashboard

The task dashboard contains statistics on your "New", "In Progress" and "Completed" tasks. Tasks will move into "Completed" once there is no available work (this includes if the task is paused, or awaiting more data), the task will return to "In Progress" once data becomes available again.

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Tasks are presented in cards which contain the following information:

  1. Task name
  2. Task overview
  3. Task classification tags - these are inherited from the tools being used in the jobs 
  4. Task status - "New", "In Progress" & "Completed"

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