Appen Platform Overview

When you log in to the platform for the first time, you will see our Home Page.  Your exact view will be determined by the features that are available to your team, however the global navigation will always run down the left hand side of your screen. The exact icons you see will also be determined by your team's settings, but at a high level you'll be able to get to your tasks & projects, and manage your account & profile from here.


Creating tasks

There are two main ways to work inside the platform:

Jobs is task-first, you upload data and create a job and get started. Learn more here.

Projects is project-management oriented, you create a project, upload data, and create related jobs inside the project. Learn more here.

Account and Profile Management

You can access your account and Profile management via the initial icon at the top of the global navigation.

Note that the Appen Data Annotation Platform is being given a new look and feel. 

Click on the Appen logo at the bottom left of the global navigation to switch between experiences.

The key difference you’ll notice, is that your profile and team-switching have moved out of the global navigation, and are in the top right of the screen in the new experience. 

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