Guide to: Internal Contributor Management


Quality Flow projects allows you to securely bring your own custom workforce to work. This article describes the process for adding contributors to your team's Project Resources. Anyone on your team can then assign those contributors to jobs within Quality Flow Projects. The contributors will be able to view and access any jobs they are assigned to from their jobs dashboard.

Add Contributors to Project Resources

If you are a Team Admin, you will see the “Project Resources” icon on the left hand navigation.

Note that the Appen Data Annotation Platform is being given a new look and feel. 

Click on the Appen logo at the bottom left of the global navigation to switch between experiences.

The key difference you’ll notice, is that your profile and team-switching have moved out of the global navigation, and are in the top right of the screen in the new experience. 

Clicking on this icon will bring you to the Project Resources page, where you will be able to upload and store resources that will be available for anyone in your team to access in Quality Flow jobs. Note that this screen will always reflect the new experience, navigate away from this screen to switch between to experiences. Those resources are “Contributors” and “Models”.


Step 1: On the "Contributors" tab click "Add Contributors".

Step 2: In the modal either enter the email(s) and, optionally the name(s) of people you wish to work on your team's projects individually. Alternatively bulk upload a .csv containing this information (download the template to see the expected format).


Once loaded, your available contributors will be listed, and you will be able to search and filter on them in order to perform certain actions, such as add them to Contributor Groups (see below).


Contributor Groups

Creating contributor groups can be an efficient way to assign contributors in bulk to certain tasks. You can create Contributor Groups on the Contributor Group tab and then come back and add people to the groups, or you can create groups from selections on this page. To create a contributor group from a selection: 

Step 1: select the people you wish to include in a contributor group

Step 2: click "Create Contributor Group" in the top navigation that appears once you have made a selection

Step 3: check your selection and click "Create"

Assign Contributors or Groups to Jobs

Contributors who have been added to a team's "Project Resources" are now available to be assigned to that team's quality flow jobs via the SETTINGS page (see this article for more on quality flow project set-up, including job settings).

Step 1: select "Internal" and click on "Assign Contributors"

Step 2: this will open a new table view, click on the "Assign Contributors" dropdown

Step 3: select "All Contributors" or "Contributor Groups" to see available contributors or groups

Step 4: click "Assign"

Step 5: click "Back to Job Settings" to continue

Contributor Experience

Once you have added a contributor to a job, they will receive an email letting them know they have work assigned. The email will contain a link to the task. When they click on the link in the email and they have an existing account on the platform they will be taken straight to the job. If they do not have an existing account they will be prompted to sign up. 

Once they click on the job link, they will also see "Tasks" at the top left of their work page. Clicking on this will take them to a dashboard where they will be able to view and access all tasks available to them, as well as see an overview of past and present work.



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