Product Release Notes - February 2024

  • We're excited to introduce Annotate With AI, our new pre-annotation capability designed to streamline your annotation process using Generative AI! This initial version supports the cml:radios tool. Additionally, you have the flexibility to utilize publicly available models or bring your own models when data security is required. Leverage Annotate With AI to alleviate the burden on your contributors, expedite the annotation process, and enhance your overall data quality! More Info
  • Explore the new Model Templates now available in the Model Configuration Section! These templates streamline the configuration process for popular public-use models, making it quick and straightforward to set up. More Info
  • We’re excited to share our latest AI chat feedback upgrades: 1) Custom Responses: Annotators can now provide their own response to the prompt in cases where the model response(s) are not optimal. 2) Rich Text Integration: Rich text is now seamlessly integrated into the tool. It is automatically supported for custom responses and live preamble. However, you have the flexibility to enable or disable rich text for the main input box, allowing you to control the complexity of annotators' interactions with the model(s). 3) Updated Graphical Editor: You can now configure rich text, enhanced responses, custom responses, disable pasting, and/or smart validators through the graphical editor. More Info
  • We're happy to announce an update to the audio transcription tool: You can now specify the direction for your event tags, span tags, timestamps, and written text using the new 'text-direction' attribute. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for transcriptions in right-to-left languages. More Info

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