Product Release Notes - November 2023


  • We're excited to share a major feature upgrade: AI Chat Feedback jobs now support live conversations with multiple chatbots. Empower your contributors to provide feedback and guide conversations across various model outputs in real-time. Customize contributor interactions using our newest attribute additions: seed prompts and preambles. Choose between enforcing real-time responses or focused feedback on multi-round chatbot conversations in QA jobs. Also, get more information from response selection using our “enhanced” attribute. More Info
  • We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new report for Text Annotation: “Download Annotations Only“. This report allows you to access your annotations results sooner because you no longer need to wait for aggregations to generate. To include aggregations use the “Download Annotations and Aggregations“ report. More Info
  • We’re excited to introduce our latest audio transcription ontology updates: Job designers now have the capability to assign span and event tags to groups, as well as specify the preferred order of presentation in the contributor view. Additionally, we have relocating the event and span tags below the tool to optimize the contributor's experience and productivity when working on tasks. More Info

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