Guide to: Pay Page

The Pay page is located in Settings > Pay. It contains two settings: Rows per page and Price per page. 


Fig. 1: Pay page


Rows per page

Contributors see one to several rows in a single page. This is determined based on the number of rows per page. A page is a collection of rows that a contributor must complete before submitting their answers.

The use of pages enables the following:

  • Control over the ratio at which test questions are presented relative to judgable rows.
  • More efficient page load times per row for contributors.
  • Random insertion of test questions into the assignments.
    • By default there is one test question per page of work (with a rows per page setting of 1-19).
    • Setting 4 rows per page, contributors will see 1 test question for every 3 source rows. In this case, contributors will complete four rows -- three source rows and one test question -- submit their responses. They will receive a notification if they miss the hidden test question within the page of work.

Price per page

This is the amount that a contributor earns for completing one page of work. To estimate the base cost of a single judgment on a source row, take payment amount per page and divide it by (Rows per Page – 1). If you have Test Questions in your job, there will be one Test Question shown per page by default. Test Questions are not considered part of the source data, which is why the payment amount is divided by (Rows per Page – 1).

Note: Setting less than 1¢ per row can only be done from this page and cannot be set via the Launch page.

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