Test Question Enabling and Quiz Mode

Before a contributor can enter your job, they must pass Quiz Mode which is composed entirely of test questions. This ensures only contributors that prove they can complete your job accurately, will be able to enter your job. Contributors that fail Quiz Mode are not paid and are permanently disqualified from working on your job.

Quiz Mode and test questions are enabled when: Total Number of Test Questions >= (Rows Per Page setting+ 3)

Once enabled, the length of Quiz Mode is equal to the Rows Per Page setting. After Quiz Mode, there will be one test question per page of work if you have 1-19 rows set per page. It is recommended not to have more than 20 rows per page, but if you choose to do so, there will be 2 test questions per page with 20-29 rows per page.


Example 1:

10 Rows Per Page

15 total Test Questions

Quiz Mode will be enabled and Test Questions will be used throughout the task


Example 2:

10 Rows Per Page

10 total Test Questions

With this criteria, Quiz Mode will NOT be enabled and Test Questions will NOT be used in the task


Remember: Each Test Question is only shown to a contributor once - so contributors are limited by how many test questions you have.

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