Guide to: Test Question Review Page

Monitoring Test Questions is an important step to running a successful job. Reviewing questions that are highly missed and/or contested can give you insights into how contributors are understanding your job and ensure that your Test Questions are correct. This article describes the features of the Test Question Review page.

Test Question Information


Fig. 1: Quality Page


The Test Question identification.

B. % Contested

The percentage of Test Question judgments in which contributors have contested the correct answer.

C. % Missed

The percentage of Test Question judgments that contributors have answered incorrectly.

D. Judgements

The total amount of judgments collected per Test Question.

E. Last Updated

Displays when the Test Question was last updated.

F. Enabled

This toggle allows you to enable or disable Test Questions. Disabled Test Questions will not be used in the job.

G. Passed review

The checkmark allows you to recognize which Test Questions you've already reviewed.

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