Importing Data

Note: This video tutorial displays a previous version of the Appen job user interface and may look slightly different than your current job page. Regardless, the functionality of buttons and links on the interface should remain the same.

Lesson Overview:

  • In this lesson, we review how to upload data into your job, the supported file formats, and a general guide to the data page.
  • We provided sample source data that you can download and upload into the platform.
  • The column headers we’ll be using are tweet_id and tweet_content
    1. The tweet_url allows us to provide a link to the original tweet so contributors can view corresponding context.
    2. The tweet_content allows us to display the body of the tweet in our job’s interface.

Steps to Complete:

  1. Download sample source data here
  2. Upload source data into your job

Further Reading:

  • Supported File Formats
    • It is best to use a UTF-8 encoded .CSV file when uploading data to Appen. .TSV, .XLSX, and .ODS file formats are also acceptable and require UTF-8 encoding. All data files should have a unique column header for each column.
  • How to Format Data for Uploading
  • Guide to Data Page

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