Guide to: Downloading your data in Quality Flow

Downloading your data

Your data can be downloaded from the DATASET tab at any time, and it will always output the latest result in the "latest..." columns (there is no need to regenerate). First, make the selection of the rows and columns of data you wish to download, or Select All. Click the button in the top row of the data table to select all units in the page.

  • In the coloured panel above the table, you will also be prompted whether you would like to Select All units matching your filter if you have one, or all units in the Project in the case of no filters.



Click on Actions > Download



A pop-up will appear at the bottom of the screen.



Click on the "Check progress and download" button to be taken to a table where you can view progress and download the results.

Note, after your download process has finished, you can click Download under the Actions column to download the data you selected on the DATASET page.



You can use this table to view progress on any Action you are performing. It can be accessed by clicking on the "Processes Running In Background" Icon at the top right of the DATASET page.

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