Settings & Launch

Note: This video tutorial displays a previous version of the Appen job user interface and may look slightly different than your current job page. Regardless, the functionality of buttons and links on the interface should remain the same.

Lesson Overview:

  • This lesson explains basic job settings, as well as launching the first 100-row test run of your job.

Steps to Complete:

  1. From any page in your job, click on “Settings” on the right sidebar.
  2. Toggle the Performance to ‘Level 1’
  3. Keep judgments per row at 3
  4. Update rows per page to 10
  5. Update ‘Payment Amount per Page’ to 10 cents
  6. Save your settings
  7. Click the “Launch” tab at the top of the page
  8. Keep the number of rows you want to launch at 100
  9. Click “Launch Job Now” (you may need to add funds to your team account)

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