Guide to: Viewing Reports


Appen has the option to "View" or "Download" reports within the platform as seen in the screen shot below.


 Fig. 1: Result Tab

You can click on "View Report" to make adjustments to the format of your report. You will see that your report is generated by selecting this option.


Fig. 2: Viewing the Aggregated Report

By clicking on Options you will be shown 3 choices:

  1. Show Test Questions
  2. Show Metadata Columns
  3. Enter Spotcheck Mode


Fig. 3: Available Options when Viewing the Report


Report features and formatting

  • Reset
    • Undo any changes to the report
  • Pivot tables
    • Can be created in the platform using the "Pivot" feature
  • Download
    • Will download a version of the edited report 
  •  Columns
    • Can be moved per your preference by holding your cursor over one of the columns and dragging to a different location.  


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