How to Set Up Automatic Credit Card Payments


Setting up automatic payments feature is a fast and simple way to ensure the team account funds maintains a minimum balance. This can be especially useful for a team that constantly launches jobs. 


Fig 1. Setting up Automatic Credit Card Payment


How to set up automatic Credit Card Payment 

  1. Automatic credit card payment can be set via the Funds page from account details.
  2. Fill in the form displayed with the credit card information
  3. Select "Automatic Payments"
  4. Set the replenishment amount
  5. Click "Make Purchase"

Things to note:

  • The replenished amount set is the amount that will be added to the team funds when the available balance of the team falls below 10% of the replenishment amount
  • Only the user that enabled automatic payments can trigger the replenishment. If they launch or add funds to a job that decreases the team funds to below 10% of the threshold set, then the team balance will be replenished.
  • In order to verify the credit card information, funds will immediately be added to the account when the user initially sets up automatic payments
  • The user who sets the automatic payments can still add additional funds at any time. 
  • A record of all transactions is available by clicking the "View Purchase History" link. Org Admins please note, in order to select the team for which to view purchase history, you must select it from the dropdown menu in the credit card form and then click the purchase history link.
  • Each transaction has a limit of $10,000.00
  • Supports VISA and MASTERCARD 



Fig 2. Team Purchase History 

For questions with billing, reserved funds, launching jobs or anything else reach out to your Customer Success Manager or


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