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The Contributors Channels section is used to control which contributors will be able to work on a job. The Contributors page is located in Settings > Contributors. It contains four options: launch the job internally, externally, both internally and externally or through custom channels. 


 Internal Channel

  • Only people with the internal job link are able to access and work in the job
    • To share the job copy the link underneath Link To Share or at the bottom of the Monitor page
  • This feature is particularly useful for:
    • Testing the job from the perspective of a contributor
    • Completing remaining pending judgments in a specific job
    • Distributing work to an internal workforce
  • Work completed through the internal channel will not have any job

Note: For more information about the Internal Channel Option please check out this article.


Fig. 1: Allowing Only Internal Contributors to Access The Job


External Channel

  • Target different levels to fit the need of the job 
    • Level 1 is the largest contributor pool. Targeting level 1 contributors can help increase the throughput of a job
    • Level 3 is the most experienced set of contributors. This is the smallest set of contributors but they are the most experienced.
  • Click on the 'Select Channels' button to see the full list of contributors.
    • To target specific channels, use the checkboxes to enable or disable each individual channel.
  • If the job contains explicit content, enable the 'Contains explicit content' setting and the channel section will automatically adjust to channels that accept adult content. 
    • Once this setting has been enabled do not adjust the channels

Note: For more information on how to target contributors who are in specific countries or who speak a certain language, please check out this article.


Fig. 2: Displaying the Contributor Channels for External Contributors


Custom Channels

  • This option allows the launching of jobs to groups of preferred contributors created by the requestors' team
  • There are two types of custom channels:
    • Accuracy based custom channels
    • Manual custom channels

Note: Custom channels is currently available for customers with a paid subscription. For more information on this feature please check out this article. 


Fig 3. Enabling the Custom Channel Feature

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