cml:group - Group Related Form Elements Together


Group related questions together so that they can easily be hidden or shown with CML logic without having to write only-if attributes for every field.

<cml:radios label="What is the sentiment of this tweet?" name="sentiment" >
 <cml:radio label="Positive"/>
 <cml:radio label="Neutral"/>
 <cml:radio label="Negative"/>

<cml:group only-if="sentiment:[0]">
 <cml:text label="How many likes does this tweet have?:" name ="likes" instructions="Enter amount above" />
 <cml:checkboxes label="Does this tweet mention any of the following sports?" name="sports" validates="required" >
   <cml:checkbox label="Football" />
   <cml:checkbox label="Baseball" />
   <cml:checkbox label="Basketball" />

In the above example, both the cml:text and cml:checkboxes fields will be hidden/shown depending on whether the sentiment field passes the cml:radios logic.

Allowing multiple answers for cml:group

There may be occasions where multiple answers are needed for elements with cml:group. Using ‘multiple=true’ can help keep your UI looking clean and allow for as many answers as you’d like:

<cml:checkbox label="Does the tweet have any names mentioned?" validates="required" name="tweet_names" /> 
<cml:group only-if="!tweet_names:unchecked" multiple="true">
<cml:text label="Enter name:" name="names" />

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