multiple="true": Allow Multiple Answers


You can allow contributors to submit more than one answer in the following CML fields by using the attribute multiple="true":

  • cml:text
  • cml:textarea (when in a cml:group) 
  • cml:select (when in a cml:group)



For cml:text, the attribute multiple="true" adds an ‘+’ icon next to the text box, that allows contributors to submit as many answers as they need.


Fig 1. CML for cml:text



Fig 2. Preview for cml:text


cml:textarea and cml:select

Unlike cml:text, use the attributes multiple="true" and name="" for either cml:textarea or cml:select . The attributes will need to be included within the cml:group field (see examples below). 

This attribute adds an ‘Add Another” icon on the top right hand corner of the box, and allows contributors to submit as many answers as they need.



Fig 3. CML for cml:textarea



Fig 4. CML for cml:select



Fig 5. Preview for cml:textarea and cml:select

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