cml:ratings - Multiple Radios in a Single Line


Renders a set of radio buttons in a single line for performing ratings. Accepts all common attributes.

<cml:ratings label="Rate me" points="4" /> 


This type of rating can be used with numerical values or word values. Here we have an example of sentiment related rating with values on each radio:

<cml:ratings label="State your sentiment" points="7" >
<cml:rating label="Very Positive"/>
<cml:rating label="Positive"/>
<cml:rating label="Slightly Positive"/>
<cml:rating label="Neutral"/>
<cml:rating label="Slightly Negative"/>
<cml:rating label="Negative"/>
<cml:rating label="Very Negative"/>


cml:ratings can also accept 'from' and 'to' attributes. These will add beginning and ending labels as opposed to addig every label.

<cml:ratings label="Rate me" points="4" validates="required" from="very weak" to="very strong" /> 

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