cml:select - Drop-down Menu


Renders a drop-down menu. Accepts all common attributes.

<cml:select label="Sample select box:"> 
<cml:option label="Option 1" />
<cml:option label="Option 2" />
<cml:option label="Option 3" />

Note: You can allow contributors to submit more than one answer by using the attribute multiple="true".


The <cml:option /> children elements accept the following attributes:

The visible label for this option. This is different than the parent <cml:select> element's label attribute, which is the label for the entire drop-down menu.
The value that gets submitted if the contributor selects the corresponding option. If this isn't present, the value of the label attribute is submitted.


The default selected option. If no changes are made to the select drop-down then that option will be used as the answer. Example below:

<cml:select label="Sample select box:"> 
  <cml:option label="Yes" selected='true' />
  <cml:option label="No" />
  <cml:option label="Maybe" />

In the example above Yes is the default answer and will show as preselected in the job Preview.

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