cml:radios - Multiple Radio Buttons


Renders a group of radio buttons. Accepts all common attributes.

<cml:radios label="Sample radio buttons:"> 
<cml:radio label="Radio 1" />
<cml:radio label="Radio 2" />
<cml:radio label="Radio 3" />


The child <cml:radio /> elements accept the following attributes:


If this attribute is "true", the child radio button will be pre-select when the page loads.

<cml:radios validates="required" label="Sample radios:"> 
<cml:radio label="Radio 1" checked="true" />
<cml:radio label="Radio 2" />
<cml:radio label="Radio 3" />

The visible label for the child radio button. This is different than the parent <cml:radios> element's label attribute, which is the label for the entire group of radio buttons.


The value that gets submitted if the contributor selects the corresponding child radio button. If this isn't present, the value of the label attribute is submitted.

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