cml:text - Single Line Text Input


Renders a single line text field. Accepts all common attributes.

<cml:text label="Sample text field:" />


Additional attributes


If supplied, the value of this attribute will be pre-filled in the text box when the page is loaded. It will not be submitted and will fail the required validator until the contributor enters text into it.

<cml:text label="Sample text field:" default="Enter text here" />

Note: You can allow contributors to submit more than one answer by using the attribute multiple="true". 



We recommend using some of the following validators to clean contributor inputs so that the inputs are uniform and will aggregate more easily:

  • clean:['trim'] - Removes leading and trailing whitespace.
  • clean:['titlecase'] - Capitalizes all words that are not all uppercase nor most conjunctions.
  • clean:['uppercase'] - Replaces all lowercase letters with uppercase letters.
  • clean:['lowercase'] - Replaces all uppercase letters with lowercase letters.

To use multiple validators, add a comma after each clean validator like so: clean:['trim','titlecase']"


For a list of more input cleaning validators, please visit this article.


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