How to Format Data for Uploading

To ensure that your data will successfully upload to the platform, it's a best practice to upload a UTF-8 encoded CSV. Microsoft Excel does not easily allow you to save with UTF-8 encoding but this article describes how to save your dataset properly using LibreOffice* or Google Docs. If you work in TSV, please apply the same practices but change your separator.

LibreOffice Method

* You can download LibreOffice for free here.

  • Row 1 is your column header for the subsequent rows.
  • All columns must have a valid column header with alphanumeric characters in order to upload successfully.


Fig. 1: Column Headers shown in Row 1

  1. File – Save As


Fig. 2: Save As

  1. File type: Text CSV (.csv)
  2. Enable “Edit filter settings”
  3. Click Save


Fig. 3: File Type, Edit Filter Settings, Save

  1. Confirm File Format by clicking "Use Text CSV Format"


Fig. 4: Confirm File (CSV) Format

  1. Select Character set - “Unicode (UTF-8)”
  2. Click OK


Fig. 5: UTF-8 Selection

That's it! Once your data is saved as a UTF-8 encoded CSV with valid column headers for each column, you can upload the data to your job in the Upload Data page.


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