Guide to: Advanced Analytics Page

This page of the platform is used to take a deeper dive into performance data while job is live or after a job has run. Each section of the Advanced Analytics page is described in this article.


Shows a histogram of the judgment counts for the top 100 contributors. Contributor ID, Judgments, and Trust are shown underneath the histogram.


Fig. 1: Contributors Analytics Page

Note: Click a bar to get specific information on a contributor.


Shows the agreement on each form element of a job from a random sample of a 100 rows.


Fig. 2: Quality Analytics Page

Note: Click on form element name to see it’s histogram.


Shows the answer distribution for a chosen form element. These distributions show all judgments given on the chosen form element.


Fig. 3: Distributions Analytics Page


Shows various metrics and details around times/throughput of a job. These include:

  • Overall Rows Per Hour
  • Estimated Time Left
  • IQM (Interquartile Mean) Trusted Judgments
  • IQM (Interquartile Mean) Untrusted Judgments
  • IQM (Interquartile Mean) Page Time by Trusted Contributors
  • IQM (Interquartile Mean) Page Time by Untrusted Contributors
  • Trusted Judgments By Hour


Fig. 4: Times Analytics Page

Test Questions

Shows accuracy on Test Questions for up to 50 Test Questions in a job. Performance from Trusted, Untrusted, and All contributors are shown on this page.

A Percent Correct on Test Questions graph is shown to help identify the Test Questions with the lowest accuracy that need review.


Fig. 5: Test Questions Analytics Page


Shows various metrics and details around job costs. This includes:

  • Contributor Pay Per Page
  • Contributor Pay Per Judgment
  • Hourly Compensation
  • Cost Per Row
Cost Analytics Page


Fig. 6: Costs Analytics Page


Shows information on the total judgments completed by each channel. This also shows ratio of Trusted to Untrusted Judgments per channel.


Fig. 7: Channels Analytics Page

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