Guide To: Contributors - Geography/Language Page

The Geography/Language section allows you to target contributors who are in specific countries or who speak certain languages. These settings are useful for tasks that require specific cultural or language understanding. This article will describe how to target such contributors for your job.

Under the Launch tab, you will see the 'Crowd Settings' page.


Fig. 1: Crowd Settings Page

Geography based filters

When you click Edit on the Geography based filters, you will see a menu to select, deselect, or search for countries where you would like your contributors to be targeted from. 


Fig. 2: Implementing Geography Settings

Note: A contributor's location is determined from their IP address.

To select country, simply select it from the Available Countries list and it will populate as an eligible country for annotators to be targeted for your job. To exclude a country, deselect it from the Available Countries list.

Language based filters

Below the Geography section, you will see the Language section. If you select any of the language options, only contributors who are verified speakers of that language will be allowed to work on your job. You may only select one language at a time.


Fig. 3: Implementing Language Settings

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